Bellamy's Organic Spelt Macaroni 200 g

Bellamy's Organic Spelt Macaroni 200 g

300 Gram

Rp 82.900 /each

Our Organic Spelt Macaroni is a yummy way to support the growing energy needs of your baby from 8 months of age. With the added benefit of iron, this delicious nutty flavoured pasta is a source of whole grains for your little one and can be enjoyed with cheese or added to sauce or soup for a complete meal. Contains spelt (gluten). Vegetarian & vegan suitable
Not recommended for infants under the age of 8 months.

√ 8+ Months Up
√ Source of Whole Grain
√ No Added Sugar or Salt
√ No Preservatives
√ Made in Australia
√ Good Source of Iron
√ Registered with the Grains and
Legumes √ Nutrition Council
√ Certified Organic by NASAA and ACO

Expired date: Mei 2022

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